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ICMCR is a not-for-profit geared towards providing easy, accessible and peaceful resolution to disputes and conflicts confronted by individuals in their personal and professional lives, as concerned members of a community, and faced by the world at large.

In light of the heavy pendency of cases and Covid-19 Pandemic putting added strain on the Courts, the litigants and disputants are forced to endure a mentally and financially straining waiting period for the resolution of their disputes. ICMCR through its services seeks to help to alleviate this situation by providing access to Alternate Dispute Resolution methods to those confronting disputes and conflicts.

Our Services


Mediation is a voluntary process of dispute resolution providing disputing parties a way to arrive at an amicable solution to their legal disputes. The process is facilitated by our expert mediators who are trained neutrals to lead the conflict resolution process and…
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When dealt with at the right time disputes can and will be avoided. Our Dispute Avoidance services can be used by organisations and businesses to save time and money and to give you peace of mind so that you can concentrate on your work better…
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ICMCR also offers services in other Alternate Dispute Resolution methods such as Negotiation and Counselling…
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Professionals and students who wish to practice mediation can apply to us for Mediator Training, Community Mediator Training and other certificate courses to improve your expertise… Read More

Our Social Initiatives


Our pro-bono mediation services are catered to those who lack the resources to afford legal fees. ICMCR is actively involved in making available pro-bono mediation services to the poor in urban, semi-urban and rural areas in furtherance of its objective of access to justice for all…
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ICMCR aims to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas in accessing justice systems which can only be done in partnership with local law enforcement agencies. Through this initiative, ICMCR seeks to provide a uniform system of alternative dispute resolution opportunity to the rural community…Read More


Our Community Mediators work on a daily basis along with local governments, local self governments and law enforcement agencies on a regular basis to research, collate data and analyse potential disputes or sensitive issues that need to be dealt with by active communication and conflict resolution techniques to ensure community unity and peace…Read More


On the lines of Community Mediation, ICMCR aims to resolve the most brutal and violent armed conflicts around the world. This particular social initiative and its team will solely and entirely work towards ending such violent conflicts through mediation and negotiation…
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The action-research team will curate all the data collected by the local community mediators, researchers and survey persons to get an all-round understanding of the disputes at each level…
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Good Luck to Us all in Making Peace!