ICMCR is a not-for-profit registered as a Trust under Indian Trusts Act, 1882. It was set up to provide peaceful resolution and solutions to conflicts and disputes confronting individuals at a personal and professional level, as a member of a community, and facing the world at large. Through our services and initiatives we seek to build a world where peace is not only hoped for but also actively sought after. No conflict signifies an end, peace is just a dialogue away!


The mission of ICMCR is to simplify conflict resolution in the society, where information and power asymmetries have complicated the ease of access to justice today. Conflicts in this social context are a challenge to stability and peace in the society. ICMCR is dedicated to the mission of peaceful, predictable, easy and simple access to justice in the form of in-depth conflict resolution – between individuals, groups or communities – by initiating dialogue and building synergy using alternate dispute resolution procedures. The ancillary mission, which is an integral part of conflict resolution is the protection of human rights, individual rights, rights of vulnerable groups, communities, sovereigns and the protection of nature itself.


The vision of ICMCR is to not only be a part of the system that envisages and facilitates models for active conflict resolution in all walks of life but also strive to ensure that the practice of conflict resolution and dispute resolution is implemented at various levels of society, such as between communities, groups and individuals. The vision is to institutionalise conflict resolution through easing the process of conflict and dispute resolution. ICMCR wants to realise the dream of mainstreaming negotiation, mediation and conciliation by making it an easily available opportunity for people across the globe to resort to resolution instead of litigation, resort to dialogue and progress instead of violence and destruction and to show the world that negotiation and mediation is the only way forward. In furtherance of this vision, ICMCR was established for facilitating Conflict Resolution Research, Mediation, Counselling, among other methods of conflict and dispute resolution.


Established with the principles, values and objectives of integrity, respect, honesty and justice, ICMCR holds its values at the institution’s core structure and functions. Among other core values that guide ICMCR, those which drive us are respect, respect for self-determination, value for individuality and individual liberty, value for creativity, and honour for freedom and expression of thoughts. We value people, the community, every individual who is a party to and aids the process of conflict and dispute resolution; we value the work, the ingenuity, innovation and most of all, we value communication and constructive communication, which is the most important aspect of effective and justice induced conflict and dispute resolution process.