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Mediation is a voluntary process of dispute resolution providing disputing parties a way to arrive at an amicable solution to their legal disputes. The process is facilitated by our expert mediators who are trained neutrals to lead the conflict resolution process and finally establish consensus for a successful solution to the dispute.

Advantages of Mediation

  • Saving valuable time and money to resolve the dispute in comparison to litigation
  • Ensures party autonomy and say in the result of the dispute
  • It is a confidential process
  • Provides an opportunity to address all concerns directly to the parties
  • Reduces stress on mental health 
  • Opportunity for maintaining relationships, whether business or personal 
  • Solutions with creative problem-solving

Types of Cases where Mediation is offered

  • Family dispute
  • Marital dispute
  • Personal Injury 
  • Professional dispute
  • Property dispute
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial and Financial dispute

Our Mediators are specially trained to provide a humane approach to the process of resolution of disputes by taking into account not only the legal needs of the disputants but also streamlining the sessions to best suit their psychological requirements. This is especially required when children are involved in a dispute. 

Our conflict resolution process through mediation is especially designed to best cater to the needs of the disputants and all the stakeholders, and arrive at an amicable and peaceful solution in a specified time frame and manner. 

Depending on whether or not the legal dispute has any ongoing proceedings in any Court of law, the final settlement agreement will vary as a legal document. In cases where there are ongoing proceedings, the final agreement can be annexed as a document submitted to the court to get it decreed by the judge. In other cases the mediation agreement made at the conclusion of the resolution will be in the form of a legally binding document. 

To access our Mediation service, please fill out the application form and one of our Case Managers will contact you to initiate the process. Either of the parties can apply for initiation of mediation through ICMCR or agree to mediation and then opt for ICMCR mediation services.

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