While Panchayats and Local Community Leaders, Family and Village Heads, and the local law enforcement agencies help the rural communities in resolving their disputes, there is still a need for mediation services to be made available for the reason that the existing practices lack uniformity and certainty. However, ICMCR has designed its Rural Mediation initiative keeping in mind that implementing such a step needs the help of already existing networks in the system.

This initiative of ICMCR aims to partner with the above-mentioned instruments of conflict resolution in the rural community to assist, build capacity and provide a uniform system of alternative dispute resolution opportunity to the rural community. We aim to enrich the communities with the idea of access to justice by ensuring that their rights are not being taken away and by ensuring that their disputes resolved through ICMCR’s Rural Mediation initiatives are showcased in the form of legally binding contracts. This will in return also ensure that the resolved dispute will be better administered by the local authorities, with whom ICMCR will aim to work together in order to ensure peaceful resolution.