On the lines of Community Mediation, ICMCR aims to resolve the most brutal and violent armed conflicts around the world which cause more than 1000 deaths in a calendar year. We believe that loss of any life is avoidable and crucial for humanity.

This particular social initiative and its team will solely and entirely work towards ending such violent conflicts through mediation and negotiation. This will be done in partnership with local and international community leaders and most importantly the members from conflicting parties, victims and representatives from women, children and older generation of the population to ensure that the dispute that is being worked towards resolution gets the best possible solution to ensure peace for longer durations.

Understanding the realities and intricacies of each situation, ICMCR recognises that the work that can be accomplished in this regard is always subject to circumstances in the regions of the violent conflict ICMCR will choose to act upon. However, we trust the people behind these initiatives and hope for the best possible outcome at all times.