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DigiScape Tech Solutions Ltd., established under the aegis of the country’s most prominent media house “India Today”, is an illustrious product engineering and digital transformation solution provider. It offers a landmass of products & services including Web & Mobile Application Development, Cloud Native Development, Big Data, Blockchain, Customized Product Engineering Services, etc. Abiding to their core aim of providing the latest technology and application development services to medium-sized as well as mega-sized business organizations in all industries including publishing, they leverage the most advanced technologies and 60+ years of extensive experience in serving our clients.

Our Services

We provide an array of comprehensive product engineering and digital transformation solutions including Blockchain Development, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Development, Customized Product Engineering Services etc. Using a collaborative and consultative approach, we provide forefront technological solutions to meet our client’s requirements as well as confluence of digital and mechanical technology to create competitive and high-quality products and services. Our stack of technologies includes JavaScript, React Native, Drupal, TensorFlow, Ethereum, etc.

Services offered
Product Engineering
A to Z of Product Development Process!!
Mobile App Development
Enhance Your Customer Reach!!
Web Application Development
A Step Ahead!!
Custom Software Development
Tailored Reality!!
AI/ML Development
What's Next?
Data Analytics
Analyse and Engineer Data

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