With over 15 years of experience in writing and editing, Mr Kumar Ajatshatru Singh has been instrumental in adapting the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s accessible publication in Hindi. With his vast experience in covering national and international news and affairs, he has authored several books to ease the preparations for UPSC Aspirants. 

He is holding a diploma in journalism, atop a Masters in Hindi and a Bachelors in Economics and Law, Mr Kumar Ajatshatru is currently serving as the editor for Ramesh Publishing House for the past decade, covering events of national and international importance for News outlets and magazines. He has also briefly served as the Edoptica India Publication assistant editor covering news segments for Service and Competition Magazine and WIT Today. 

Mr Kumar Ajatshatru, with his grip over the global and national developments in all spheres, will be instrumental in keeping ICMCR on ever-watchful and in line with the changing society, thus building an inclusively growing environment for all involved.